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Healthy Sounds!

Cardiff Ardwyn Singers 4Healthy Sounds Performance by Congress Youth Theatre

Healthy Sounds! is a partnership between Tŷ Cerdd and the Welsh Assembly Government. The scheme encourages performances in publically-funded health-care centres – ie. hospitals, and other centres where there is nursing care provided by the NHS – by local community amateur music societies, including school ensembles. Performances normally take place in the larger public areas of the building, but this will be advised by the hospital or care centre.

No payment can be made to an individual musician, but a donation of between £100 - £200, payable to the performing society may be claimed for each performance. An ensemble from the society consisting of 5 or fewer performers will receive a donation of £100; 6-10 £150; 11+ £200 and no extra payment can be made for a repeat performance in the same health-care centre on the same day. There is a limit of up to 5 performances (for which a donation is payable) within the period April 2012 – March 2013, after which any further request for funding will be reviewed in the light of available funding. (This gives us the option of allowing further performances should funds allow.)

Please note, the Healthy Sounds scheme will come to an end in March 2013.

Performing ensembles are responsible for negotiating the time and place of performance with the local hospital/health-care centre, and should send the completed application form (below) to Tŷ Cerdd at least four weeks (ideally, but this is flexible as the form requires a signature from a representative member of staff at the hospital/health-care centre) in advance of the proposed performance.

Once the proposal has been approved by Tŷ Cerdd a claim form will be sent (to be endorsed by a representative of the hospital/health-care centre) to the society for completion and return after the performance has taken place.

Within these criteria, donations can only be made up to the limit of available funds, so that applications will continue to be considered on a "first come – first served" basis until the funding is exhausted.