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Membership Application / Renewal Form

December marks the end of the Tŷ Cerdd 2014 membership. All societies wishing to take continued advantage of the benefits open to Tŷ Cerdd members are invited to renew by January 1st 2015.

New societies interested in joining Tŷ Cerdd are warmly welcomed. Use the About Us pages on this website to learn more about the different grants and artistic advice available to our members. Please contact the office if you have any further enquiries.

The Cerdd membership application/renewal form is now available to complete online as part of the new Tŷ Cerdd website and we would like to encourage members to use this method of submission where possible.

Annual membership for Tŷ Cerdd costs £50.00. There are two options for payment:

1.) credit card payment online
2.) cheque to the Tŷ Cerdd office following submission of the form online (the process will be complete upon safe receipt of the cheque)

As usual, members are requested to submit a copy of the society's most recent audited accounts to the Tŷ Cerdd office. New societies applying for membership are also required to submit a copy of the society's constitution.

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