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Welsh Composer David Roche creates new sounds

Date:13 February 2018
The composer David Roche has been working with Dyson and the Orion Orchestra on a new commission that harnesses the sounds of entirely new instruments within the context of an orchestra. These instruments have been designed and built by Dyson in their development centres, and include the Cyclophone (constructed from precision-engineered Dyson vacuums and fans, controlled by a keyboard) and the Amp-sichord (a string instrument that is plucked by keyboard-controlled motors, and contains over 10 metres of guitar string).

The conductor of the orchestra, Toby Purser said: "the initial concept was two Dyson Supersonics performing a duet accompanied by an orchestra, but thanks to the astounding knowledge and enthusiasm of Dyson engineers, it rapidly evolved into a piece that combines science and sound – fusing classical music and Dyson technologies together."

Performance this Sunday at Cadogan Hall, London. Tickets here

A video giving a sneak preview of the piece is below: