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11:30, Japan Room, Wales Millennium Centre, 07/06/2014

Andrew Duncan: Ensuring a Bright Future for Brass Bands andrew duncan canolig

Find out how Scotland is securing a legacy for it's Brass Band tradition.

It’s now exactly 5 years since Scotland Brass Band Association embarked on its Youth Development Programme. Then, Scotland had just 6 youth bands - now there are 56.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative and SBBA’s own contribution, the five year programme has cost £240,000 - a return of under £5,000 for every new band created.

It’s no wonder that the Minister for Culture holds up SBBA’s programme as a flagship of excellence.

"And that’s not the end of it," says Andrew Duncan, who is SBBA’s current Development Manager.

"I’m working with another 10 fledgling bands from the very north to the very south of Scotland, and in the Western Isles. With further expressions of interest coming all the time, I can see no end to it for quite some time to come yet."

The success has led other bodies and countries to ask for SBBA's advice. Andrew Duncan has already made a presentation to the Danish Amateur Orchestral Board and is planning a similar presentation in Norway in April.

"The development methodology itself is fairly standard and works in many contexts. All it takes is vision and a willingness to grasp new ways of working. We have been greatly fortunate in Scotland to have a membership and its representatives ready to look to the future."

Andrew is well known as an arranger and composer for brass band as well as a conductor. He has won the prestigious ‘best new arrangement’ prize at Brass in Concert six times and his music is published by The Music Company.

As well as writing for brass and wind band, more recently Andrew has been working as a freelance orchestrator/arranger working on a diverse number of scores and styles for film and television some of which have been recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for the Audio Network music library and have been used on TV and radio.