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Parry in Penarth

Sunday 23rd April 2017 - St Augustine's Church, Penarth, CF64 1BJ

Best known as the composer of Myfanwy and well-loved hymn tunes, such as Aberystwyth, Joseph Parry was one of the most important figures of Welsh music in the 19th century. He lived the latter part of his life in Penarth and is buried in the graveyard of St Augustine's Church.

Born in Merthyr Tyfil in 1841, Parry became a pit-boy at 9 years of age and an iron-worker at 12 before emigrating to the USA where he worked in Pennsylvania's rolling mills. He grew up in a musical environment, studying harmony in his spare time and had considerable success with his compositions at eisteddfodau in Wales and America. This led to study at the Royal Academy of Music and a subsequent career as a composer and lecturer.

Parry was a prolific hymn writer of songs, choruses, anthems, hymns, and some instrumental works and composed several operas of which Blodwen had some 500 performances by 1896. His huge industry and prodigious talent made him the leading figure on the Welsh music scene of the late Victorian era.

Join us for a day of special events to celebrate Parry's life and work, including a lecture-recital, concert and Cymanfa Ganu.

Parry in Penarth front